SMC is synonymous with best practice sustainability

As the multi-million dollar renovations continue at SMC, much attention to detail is being paid to the aesthetics and material palette of the new interiors. Beyond the luxurious décor that is layered with rich patterns and neutral tones, the centre has a ‘green’ heart and wears its sustainability credentials with pride.

One of the cornerstones of SMC’s refurbishment has seen the introduction of an intelligent Daikin heating ventilation and air-conditioning system (HVAC) that is integrated with the Building Management System. This innovative Daikin technology has been proven in Japan, Malaysia and Singapore, and SMC is the first commercial building in Australia in which this best-in-breed system will be installed.

The major difference is that Daikin’s technology is an air-based system not a water-based system, which dramatically improves energy efficiency and attendee comfort. Being air-based, there is no need for chillers, boilers or cooling towers and all such old infrastructure has been removed. As a result, the new system has none of the any risks associated with water-based cooling systems such as the potential for Legionnaire’s Disease.

“Daikin’s HVAC system is intricately designed and finely tuned to operate at high efficiency for optimal energy saving outcomes and improved well-being for occupants,” explains General Manager Paul Davison. Rooms will be maintained at a certain temperature mitigating the need to cool or heat from too low or too high a baseline. Consequently, less power is required as there’s less need to push large volumes of air around the venue. As well as being far more responsive, the smart Daikin system is digitally controlled and remotely monitored so any issues can be diagnosed and rectified before they become problems.

“For attendees, the new system will even out comfort levels throughout the building. And if the debate is getting too heated, organisers can adjust temperatures up and down by four degrees, and cool the room themselves,” suggests Paul.

In addition to the HVAC upgrade, SMC has spent nearly $200,000 upscaling its lighting with 2nd generation LEDs for unprecedented output and energy efficiency.

SMC has also introduced sustainable, safe, refillable water bottles to eliminate single use plastics from the venue. These BPA-free Tritan 690ml translucent drink bottles leak-free and shatter, odour and stain resistant. They are ideal for one day events or for multi-day conferences. Clients and/or attendees can purchase and refill their own water bottle at the many water coolers throughout the venue. No doubt the water cooler conversations will be free-flowing too.

These initiatives are part of SMC’s long-held commitment to sustainability. In 2010, a Level 2 Energy Audit was conducted and the report applauded the number of initiatives already undertaken and highlighted opportunities to further reduce energy consumption and waste. SMC took the report as a catalyst to identify and action its ‘green’ goals, including cutting paper use by 99%, reducing waste from over 210,000kg/annum to just 31,200kg/annum, donating unused food to OzHarvest as well as water savings of 35% (8,232 litres per day), gas savings of 70%, electricity savings of 79% and maintenance cost savings of 60%. At the NSW Business Chamber’s Business Awards 2015, the centre was named winner for Excellence in Sustainability in the Sydney City region. SMC aspires to make every day ‘Earth Day’ and you can find out more about the centre’s environmentally friendly policies and initiatives here:

SMC is a proud member of the NSW Office of Environment & Heritage’s Sustainability Advantage which works with organisations to build their capacity to undertake and achieve on-going improvements to their environmental management practices, to achieve shorter-term environmental improvements and to develop a process that ensures long-term, on-going positive environmental and social outcomes.

Be first to experience the newly renovated SMC

It’s a great time to start planning your next event before SMC re-opens, and take advantage of 2018 prices for all new events confirmed before June 2019. Talk to SMC’s venue managers and book now for a ‘first look’ in May 2019. Places are filling fast for morning, lunch and evening ‘famils’ that will include a tour of the newly renovated spaces, a presentation of new services and facilities as well as a taste of the world-class catering.