The Sydney Masonic Centre’s new identity

The Sydney Masonic Centres upgrade and renovation in 2019 provided the perfect opportunity for the team at SMC  to review and revitalise the our vision, goals and brand. SMC already enjoyed an envied reputation amongst the business events community for outstanding service and value, its ideal location in the Sydney CBD, the level of products and services on offer. The recent heritage listing of the venue makes a visit to the venue even more unique.


The brand new conference facilities built on Level 4, the soft furnishings, furniture and signage replacement program, the technology, HVAC and Audio Visual Infrastructure were all designed and strategically positioned to further enhance those service offerings already enjoyed by thousands of clients over the 40 year history of the venue.


And the vision remains the same – to be the most sought after events and conference venue in the Sydney CBD.


However, after some industry consultation, soul searching and workshopping, it became apparent that our brand, website and collateral did not really reflect our identity and personality. People did not connect with the old SMCFC acronym and would get confused with too many C’s and FC’s.


Keeping it simple – what did connect with our clients, attendee’s and suppliers was our original identity – simply Sydney Masonic Centre or SMC. So we are going 360 degrees and reverting to our original name.


The letters SMC are reflected in the logo with the large double strike SMC lettering sitting below the perspective sketch of the building, or the podium as we call it. Underneath the image is the more formal wording – Sydney Masonic Centre.

We believe the new logo is reflective of the brand that is the Sydney Masonic Centre. The logo depicts the solid foundation of the building, the stylish and elegant touches, the playful soul of the team and a sophisticated, trustworthy and professional presentation.


The new website –; is easy to remember and easy to communicate. Similar to the new logo, the website is stylish, informative with bright, vibrant images and floorplans, easy to navigate and importantly functional. From almost every page, you can link directly to quote requests, floorplans, menus, and suggestions on the best use of the spaces. Your FAQs are answered and the unlimited offerings of the precincts many services are easy to find, including transport, accommodation, parking, dining options and more.


Our digital marketing campaign on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn is intended to keep our clients connected with what’s happening at SMC, and to ensure they have the latest stories, trends and updates available. Of course the campaign is also designed to attract new clients and visitors to the website so they can discover everything that is available at SMC.


We hope you enjoy SMC’s new brand and website.